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Sexual Wellbeing


genitals massage The Techniques Of Massage Of male And Female Genitals 


- Find enough time not to be disturbed (around 1 hour).

- Prepare a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, for example with candles, perfumed oils, pleasant decoration, peaceful music, erotic clothes for the masseur.
- Do not drink alcohol and be conscious of what may happen in your body and your spirit.
- Plan this moment of massage away from meals in order to have rather an empty stomach. But you do not have to feel hungry.
- Prepare an oil of massage. (A body oil)

As an introduction 

- It is important for the person who is massaged to relax, to breathe deeply and to be conscious of his/her body as far as possible.
- The masseur must be relaxed and attentive to the other. First of all warm your hands by rubbing them together. Then put one hand on your partner’s heart and the other on his/her stomach (or his/her sex) and stay a moment like this, in a total relaxation so that the bodies can meet.
- Begin with caresses and massages on all the body. Take your time, massage the nape, the shoulders, the muscles of the back, the buttocks, the thighs and the calves. Massage more delicately the forehead, the nose, the cheeks, the lips, the ears, the chest and the stomach.

Some basic rules

- During all the massage, look your partner in the eye regularly.
- The person who is massaged expresses his/her feelings and desires freely.
- During the massage, the masseur focuses on the other and tries to feel what the other feels. You have to feel good too. Appreciate what is happenig.
- All this technical advice must be adapted according to your situation and feelings.

Male Genitals

Female genitals

male genitals massage


Hold delicately the tip of the penis with one hand. Place your other hand at the base of the penis and then press firmly and several times with your thumb and forefinger by raising progressively from the base to the glans (see photo). Repeat this exercise several times.

femal genitals massage

1-The warming-up of the ovaries 

 Warm your hands by rubbing them together, then do some gentle circular movements with your fingertips above the ovaries (with the forefinger and middle finger as on the photo)..

penis massage

2- The clock

With one hand, caress the penis with the fingertips from the base to the tip, by making it turn on its axis to the right after each caress (like the hands of a clock, quarter after quarter). Keep the scrotum at the base with the other hand (the right hand on the photo).

vulva massage

2- The warming-up of the womb

 Put one hand on the vulva (the left hand on the photo) and do some circular movements above the womb with the other hand (the right one).

3- A delicate pleasure

 Massage with your both thumbs the two sides of the enis until the frenum (see photo), from the base to the glans.

3- To greet « point G »


Put the fingers of your left hand (see on the photo) towards the top and your fingertips above the vulva, outside, at the level of point G – this point is about two or three centimeters of the entry of the vagina on the inside face. Press gently and firmly then relax. Repeat several times



Price 7,90 euros  

genital massage